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Wednesday, 04 November 2009 20:35

The Stone Fabricators Alliance has been formed to ensure the continued success and betterment of our industry.

Our Path is Clear...

Through sharing of knowledge and experience we will succeed. We will strive to perfect our craft by continuing education and developing our individual skills, always sharing the experience. Using education, old world craftsmanship, and advances in technology we will strive to increase quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and profitability in our respective companies.


Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct:

As a Stone Fabricator's Alliance member in good standing you must adhere to the following:

• Members will instill confidence in our products to the general public through education and the best possible application.
• Members will be leaders in their marketplace through example; in education, safety, and customer satisfaction.
• Members will actively participate in the exchange of information on fabrication skills, new technologies, and general business practices.
• Members will be available for contact by other members of the Stone Fabricators Alliance.
• Members will aid in finding solutions to issues that affect customer satisfaction.
• Members will encourage the contributions of others and shall conduct all business and work with fairness and respect to all concerned.
• Members will maintain a proper sharing attitude.
• Members will not be combative, unruly, or disrespectful to each other or the general public.

As a member of the Stone Fabricators Alliance, you are provided with the gift of knowledge and expertise of each and every member. Your firm is encouraged to "raise the bar" and exceed the standards of practice as set forth by the latest version of the MIA Design Manual

We are an association of Fabricators helping Fabricators, organized and managed solely by volunteers. Failure to comply and abide by the above Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct will certainly result in your being removed from the membership roster, the forum and/or both at the sole discretion of the SFA board of directors. The board may also decide at any time to recind a person's membership in the SFA and/or participation on the forum at any time for any reason. The board also may or may not refund any or all of the member's dues that were paid for that given year at the time of removal. These rules are not all encompassing and may be changed or modified at any time by the board of the SFA and will be retroactive to the inception of the SFA and its forum. Submitting of dues and completion of the enrollment forms does not constitute a binding agreement between the prospective member and the SFA or the forum. Final judgement as to the prospective member's acceptance into the SFA or the forum will be determined by the board at it's sole discretion and can be recinded at any time for any reason. Members are also under the governance of the Terms & Uses and Privacy Policy that are in place and can be found at the bottom right of most pages on http://www.stonefabricatorsalliance.com .